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Brands Need Social Like Fish Need Water

The gem in this article was "Simply put, social brands have become integrated into the average user’s web browsing experience." It reminds me of the phrase, 'you've got to be in it to win it...' and if you're not in it, your competitors will happily nibble away at your share of the pie. Whether your customers are B2B or B2C, they all subconsciously expect to see their brand represented in Social and in a way the reflects the best of their brand. They want to associate with you so make it easy for them and the rest will follow very naturally.

Think your brand has a choice about whether it goes social or not? You may want to think again. According to a Weber Shandwick report, executives consider their presence in social media to make up about 52 percent of their brands’ success in the marketplace—and this number is only going to keep rising in the coming years.
Why has social branding become such an important part of brand identity? Simply put, social brands have become integrated into the average user’s web browsing experience. Consumers rarely go online anymore without checking in on at least one of their favorite social platforms to see what’s going on. Each one of these moments is an opportunity for a brand to engage the consumer—sharing content, new deals or perhaps just a good joke.
If a brand doesn’t have a strong online presence, consumers will simply move on to a competitor that does. In this way, absent brands stand to lose a great deal of business to their competitors if they do not allow themselves to be accessible.


Image source: Ana_Cotta / People Photos / CC BY
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