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SocialSafe Helps You Make Sense of Your Digital Data

The SocialSafe opening proposition is: "Save all your social networks to your computer and enjoy your story in one safe place" which in itself is an interesting proposition; but there is more, much more!

I discovered this software via Robert Scoble's Rackspace video early this morning. After watching the 30 minute video, I instantly knew this was one of those Eureka moments. Start by watching it for yourself:

Some of the key value propositions from SocialSafe:

  • Everything kept in one place

  • See your story unfold

  • Enjoy your story

  • Your story will never be lost

  • It's your story, own it

Some of the key features in this version include:

  • Enjoy reading back over your story so far with the auto-organised Journal

  • Find anything you or a friend ever said instantly

  • Use the background scheduling to keep your story up to date

  • SocialSafe makes it fun to get insights from your story

  • Export everything - photo albums, photos you have been tagged in, direct messages

  • Never miss out on friends' interactions with you again

The Dashboard


I really get the value of this product and will be upgrading to the paid version so I can compile, review, analyse and own all the data I've added to all my social channels, including this blog, over the last 10 years on social. I can't wait to be able to make sense of what it is I've been learning and curating, and the thought that safe software is gathering all my ongoing interactions, in my own private space, is a curators dream come true.

SocialSafe Insights

As you can tell I'm pretty excited. There is also much more to come from SocialSafe, including cloud integration, mobile, APIs and additional capturing services; in the video you hear about collecting data from the IOT and sensing data too.  Also it was exciting to hear about plans to allow users to share data (part or whole) with external services which will allow for some really interesting mash-ups, adding views to your data that were previously unseen. Currently the software runs on either a PC or Mac, but cloud services are planned in the future and all paying customers during the 12 month cycle will get free upgrades as they are made available. To see which accounts you can currently connect click the image below:

SocialSafe Networks

In terms of security, SocialSafe say they only ever get to see your name, email address and location. You can agree to send anon. stats on your usage, so that they can see which channels you are adding and spending more time on etc, so that they can better understand the use of the software. It is clearly stated in the video, that they can never see the content from your connected accounts. I also really like the feature that allows you export the data to csv format.

After my initial reaction of, wow, this is going to be so useful for me as an individual, I suddenly realised that this was also going to be just as amazing for organisations. The ability to record the brand story through the content it shares across all it's channels, and then discover insights by merging data sets within a simple dashboard that allows alternative views should make brands better at making decisions. It was also interesting in the video to hear that there are plans to widen the scope beyond social data, with the ability to input other data such as financial, political and location.

I hope this have given you a reason to explore SocialSafe for yourself. There is a free 2 month trial that allows you to connect 4 accounts. If you find value during that time, the price of 23€ for 20 accounts (per 12 months) is really affordable and even if you don't renew after 12 months, all the data you have synced and downloaded you now own. All in all, it's a hard to resist offer and in my opinion this is going to be a very disruptive product. Good luck to SocialSafe and thanks for creating a highly valuable service.

SocialSafe Pricing


SocialSafe Helps You Make Sense of Your Digital Data Reviewed by Paul Simbeck-Hampson on 8:20 AM Rating: 5
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