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Social Media - Inspired by Scott Gould

If you want to follow someone who know's what's going on in social media and you'd like to get better at blogging and social sharing, then start reading what Scott's writing; bookmark his site after reading this.

Why? Because he's nailing it, proper!

While researching the keywords 'like minds' I discovered Scott's website some weeks ago, and after some basic research, I found out that he lives not far from my parents on the South coast of England. Taking this coincidence further I began skimming his blog and read a couple of articles in full, I quickly realised I'd stumbled across someone very talented.

Digging a little deeper through Twitter and Facebook I began to know more about where he was coming from and got a glimpse of where he's heading. At one point I just thought, I want to talk with this guy, so I found him on Skype, and we did just that. Scott very kindly obliged and we chatted informally about this and that, then the office began to pick up and it was time to say goodbye. The next time I'm back home I'm definitely going to pay him a visit, perhaps on a Sunday at his parish church.

Since this conversation we communicate on Facebook from time to time. Interestingly Scott said that he really likes Amplify, but as he's committed to his own blog it's not practical to do both; although he does send interested parties in Amplify's direction.

Below I've snipped some of the key points from his latest post in order to give you a flavour, but I recommend getting to know Scott better by clicking through to his site and reading his posts in full, there is also a great video library called insights that should not be missed.

@Scott, thanks for continuing to inspire my daily work, I already see the differences, and although there's still lots of room for improvement, it's nice to know you there if I get lost, cheers mate.

Clipped from scottgould.me

4 Issues With Comments, And Why Most Blogs Are Anti-Social

I have four issues that I’ve drawn from the comments you made, and bolded the main points, as this has turned out to be a longer post than usual.

Why Comments Matter

- connections trump community
- documented online

The Issues
1 – Readers don’t know what to comment
who is writing about being a better commenter?

2 – Bloggers don’t know what questions to ask
skills of facilitation are really absent in a lot of bloggers

Start valuing people – I mean really valuing people – individual people.
when was the last time you really engaged in a comments section and were retweeting it because of the comments?

4 – We don’t understand Social
Social is all about people and relating with them (not to them).

The Main Point

Blogs that don’t ask meaningful, thought through questions and don’t engage in meaningful responses don’t value their readers and are anti-social.

Your Leading Thoughts

My question for you is:
Do you invite people to your house to then just talk about yourself, and reply to nothing your guests have to say?

Read more at scottgould.me

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