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Why We Like to Keep Busy

I think its about a natural balance of idleness, playfulness and busyness surrounded by lots of sport, sleep and love. What's your take on keeping busy?

Insights from psychcentral.com by John M Grohol PsyD
Do people like to keep busy for no reason? Or is being idle okay with most of us?
The researchers also found that people were happier when they were busy, even if they were forced into busyness. 
How can people be happy being busy, if that busyness serves no purpose? Why do people prefer to be busy doing something, anything? The researchers speculate it may be rooted in human evolution: 
In their strife for survival, human ancestors had to conserve energy to compete for scarce resources; expending energy without purpose could have jeopardized survival. With modern means of production, however, most people today no longer expend much energy on basic survival needs, so they have excessive energy, which they like to release through action. Yet the long-formed tendency to conserve energy lingers, making people wary of expending effort without purpose. 
Their conclusions? 
If idle people remain idle, they are miserable. If idle people become busy, they will be happier, but the outcome may or may not be desirable, depending on the value of the chosen activity. Busyness can be either constructive or destructive. Ideally, idle people should devote their energy to constructive courses, but it is often difficult to predict which actions are constructive (e.g., are business investments or scientific discoveries always constructive?), and not every idle individual is capable of constructive contributions. [...] 
We advocate a third kind of busyness: futile busyness, namely, busyness serving no purpose other than to prevent idleness. Such activity is more realistic than constructive busyness and less evil than destructive busyness.
Photo credit: WanderingSolesPhotography / Foter / CC BY

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