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Switch2Health reward you for your physical activity

Insight: Some months ago I bumped into this concept and fell instantly in love with it. The general idea is to encourage fitness through an engaging social experience where you are rewarded for sport and activity. The wrist watch records your pulse and each level of activity is recorded until you reach 60 minutes, after which you receive points. You link the data directly to the net where your points are recorded; once you have a enough points you can redeem them for prizes like an ipod or wii fit etc...

The possibilities are endless and with a world who's infatuation is now heading away from junk food and obesity this company have used innovation and technology to the maximise a creative approach to health - it certainly gets my thumbs up... I'd like to see this implemented in schools across Europe ;-)

Via: www.s2h.com

*unfortunately shutdown in April 2014, but fitness apps from Google and Apple (et al.) the race to keep fit using technology continues.

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