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Purpose of Education - Quotes

Below is a great collection of quotes that were created by those who took part in the Purpose/d campaign organised by Doug Belshaw in April 2011. Unfortunately some of the quotes are missing from Flickr so I've added what's still there to this Google Slides presentation. The original purpose/d site no longer exists either, but can still be found via the archive link. My personal contribution is on slide 5, and I created the slide 10.

Here are the individual images:

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee / Foter / CC BY

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A New Mindset, Not More Data

Finding meaning in a sea awash with data requires more than algorithms, it requires collective open intelligence, a mix of technology and human analysis. I was inspired by these quotes today extracted from ‘A Data State of Mind‘ by Hans Rosling. Thanks to @ozarkherbs for the link. 

My basic idea is that the world has changed so much, what people need isn't more data but a new mindset.

Throughout his career, Rosling has maintained a fact-based worldview – an understanding of how global health trends act as a signifier for economic development based on hard data. Today, he argues, countries and corporations alike need to adopt that same data-driven understanding of the world if they are to make sense of the changes we are experiencing in this new century, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Meteorologists are one group that has a ready grasp of this idea. They receive a huge amount of data, which they process in a highly sophisticated way, translating it into stunning graphics – and there they are on prime-time TV presenting the weather while we all watch. This is exactly what we strive to emulate. We want our economic indicators, our social indicators and our environmental indicators to be communicated on prime-time television with the same level of efficiency.

This is what we’re trying to do at the Gapminder Foundation – and this is what CEO's want their employees to do – play with data and give it meaning.

Photo credit: maessive / Foter / CC BY-ND

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