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Do You Speak Data?

Data is the ultimate currency and it's where the wind's howling.

Businesses need to make smarter decisions, quicker. The smart business of the future will correlate and compute a mix of data including demographics, psychographics, web analytics, social analytics and business intelligence to create predictive scenarios that can be delivered in real time at the point of need; this will enable those with access to make better informed decisions that more accurately impact performance in a positive way. This creates vital brand differentiation in the market place and sustains real competitive advantage.

In the years to come there will be less requirement for people to manage businesses. Today's business units are too expensive, too slow and too inefficient. As a result, less people equals less training equals less costs equals more fluidity; this is a byproduct of 'Working Smarter'. There will of course be bumps along the way, as is the case with all innovative disruption but this is where we're heading, as I see it.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.
As current business units shrink and waste is eliminated, many existing tools and practices will become extinct. All that once was will one day be a collection of artifacts contained within 'The Museum of Work' - school children will pass by and snigger as they see an overhead projector next to a laptop showing a Powerpoint presentation, even today's smart phones and tablets will eventually join the collection.

 Image source: http://www.woonsocket.org/workandculture.htm
The image of a 'social command centre' is visual evidence of this progression and it's only the beginning of how 'big data' is changing the business landscape. The bottom line is, people are too expensive; technology is comparatively cheap, scalable and doesn't require insurance or holiday pay! Less people will be required and those who remain will take on an analyst role to ensure predictions match human instinct.

Via Mashable - http://goo.gl/KVoIO
First came the overhaul and automation of the manufacturing and financial industry, followed by the health industry, all of which are still in disruptive phases. Next up is the 'Enterprise' with the term 'Social Business' being used to describe the transformational shift.

Making better decisions quicker with less costs that improve the bottom line is the still the name of the game. Data is the ultimate currency and it's currently where the wind is howling.

Enterprise jobs of the future begin with the question, 'Do you speak data?'

Main Image: Venn's construction for 6 sets.

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