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Sifting through the data deluge

Great data tips from +Meri Walker of +BeingSocial.Us - here's an extract:
"Spending less time on gaining information that is nice to know and more time on things that we need to know now.
Focusing on quality of information, rather than quantity. A short concise e-mail is more valuable than a long e-mail.
Learning how to create better information (this is what Infogineering is about). Be direct in what you ask people, so that they can provide short precise answers.
Single-tasking, and keeping the mind focused on one issue at a time. Spending parts of the day disconnected from interruptions (e.g. switch off e-mail, telephones, Web, etc.) so you can fully concentrate for a significant period of time on one thing."
I'd also add curation to the list. Since my experience with Amplify, having a clipping tool or at least applying the principles of clipping, both via desktop or mobile, has allowed me to build me own library of useful content, that in essence is what my blog is, a depository for my clippings and writings, tagged and sorted so I can find it again as and when required. I also recently setup a plugin that sends out an archived post once a day to twitter - being randomly reminded of my content helps to really cement it; reinforcement rocks.

Post souce.
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