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4 Psychology Tips to Improve Brand Messaging

Thanks to +David Amerland for leading me to this article by +Richard Conyard. These snippets resonated with me, though I'd encourage you to read the whole article.
"You can’t please all of the people all of the time." - very true!
...in digital and especially in social we need to embrace the fact that our audiences are people and brand messages need to be tailored to them. Whilst this is stating the obvious, the methods and challenges of tailoring message are manifold, but if we are going to get creative in improving message, I believe a route that deserves investigation is psychology.
We give out and receive messages in many different ways, through all of our senses, gestures, musings and actions; we also deal with message through tone, style and timing. Our innate use of message also goes beyond to factor in methods of delivery and route, including societal, influence, projection, empathy and disruption – each strengthening the message to achieve specific goals. 
The simplest way to understand cognitive dissonance and calls to action is to consider a life buoy (CTA), thrown to a drowning person (audience member induced into cognitive dissonance). Of course if the life buoy is being pulled in by cannibals, the person can reflect on their decision from the cooking pot, but that is another set of choices (I do not condone cooking your audience btw). < Agree, don't cook the audience!
"What do we want to make them feel, long-term?" - Great question
Brand message therefore needs to reflect into the aligned audience, to build upon their image of self so that they experience worth from their alignment.

Digital Strategy: 4 Psychology Tips to Improve Brand Messaging | Social Media Today
What is good brand messaging? Sitting in brainstorms I often hear terms such as voice, tone, style, none of which are incorrect - when we build our digital strategy campaigns and / or social media pla...
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Life is like a camera

"Capture the good times..."

Reshared post from +Kathy Porupski
Love this and wanted to share it with my Google+ friends... I am armed with my camera and headed out the door to focus on what's IMPORTANT and capture some GOOD TIMES... :-) Happy 4th of July everyone and may it be spent safely with family and friends! I am told this quote was generated by Don Carroll.

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