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Are There Better Ways to Learn Maths

I know children need to learn maths and have challenging mental problems to solve. I realise there is a national maths curriculum that is deemed very important. I understand that Rome wasn't built in a day. Actually I only have one simple wish; could those in education find ways to make maths just a teeny weeny bit more contextual. Kids shouldn't die of boredom before they reach the age of 13.

Learn maths in context

As a suggestion, instead of following the above image scenario again and again, why not listen to the child's advice and use Google spreadsheets to learn maths. Get them to work cooperatively with one another while addressing a collaboratively applied project. Apply context (in large doses) and make sure it relates to something they care about; like their weekly allowance, their big savings plan, their holiday fund or saving for their next smartphone!

Let Maths teach them how they could save money. Teach them the value of learning maths and about sharing what they've been able to save. Show them that they can still have a great time with less. Teach them that if they waste money there will be less  available to do other things they want...
Teach them responsibility with maths and not just how to add up numbers rote style.

...show them how technology can support their learning; they all know it exists, most have it in their pockets, so why hide it. If possible try to tie it all together so that when they wake up each morning they don't yawn and think, "oh no, not another boring maths class today." And finally, let them play outside (much) more.

Create conditions for children to do well in maths. Tell them the truth. Give them hope. Prevent the scenario depicted below from becoming norm.

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