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Networks Rule: from Seperatedness to Interconnectedness

An excellent article on how business should been seen in the scope of the [much] bigger picture;

Insights: In fact, the more we understand how life works, the more we recognise how the organising principles of life can be applied to business.  It is as if the challenging business environment we find ourselves in (this ‘perfect storm’) gives the perfect environment for us to shift our perceptions to see the business world for what it really is – a part of life.
Learning to see business through more of an ecosystems lens. Less machine. More organism.
At the core of this paradigm shift is a perception shift from ‘seperatedness’ to ‘interconnectedness’ 

Found via a post by +Adam Johnson shared on the "Building better places to work" community by +James O'SullivanThe conversation on +Gideon Rosenblatt post also contains some useful links to follow.
Ecological Thinking for Business TransformationMost people in business subscribe to an out-dated worldview, a perception of reality inadequate for dealing with the volatile and globally interconnected business world.
Photo credit: pobre.ch / Foter / CC BY

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