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Great post and follow up comments, worthy of review for those interested in #enterprise20   #sociallearning   #socbiz. Kudo's to +Joachim Stroh for a stunning graphic :)

Reshared post from +Joachim Stroh
Inspiring discussion today in the Conversation community [1] about how to set our differences (identity, status, position) aside and become who we were born to be (paraphrasing Elrond):

"The biggest problem? Once people were put into a comfortable enough situation to converse and collaborate, their egos came out in spades — they were threatened by this self-perpetuating idea that their own identities would be rendered obsolete by the group. I believe this is an ingrained characteristic, one part genetic or biological, the other part social conditioning. What happened in this particular case, is that we got them to cooperate without the use of language — we limited them to symbols, drawings, gestures and actions — and they learned how to cooperate. Then we were able to have conversations around what collaboration would look like, and how their individual roles would play important parts in the overall process." ~ +Gunther Sonnenfeld

[1] Via this post.
[img] National Geographic A heard of Icelandic horses gallop across Lake Hóp in northern Iceland. (Photo by Tina Thuell, Your Shot)

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