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18 Pearls of Wisdom for a Smarter Workplace

During a recent meeting with the principles of the Internet Time Alliance (ITA's), I scribbled down some of the key memes being discussed; enterprises, educational establishments and individuals alike would benefit a deeper consideration of the following this list:
  1. openness enables transparency
  2. transparency fosters diversity
  3. diversity reinforces openness
  4. trust emerges from the cycle of openness, transparency & diversity
  5. integrate learning and work by encouraging social behaviours:
  6. welcome innovations
  7. encourage reflection
  8. tolerate mistakes
  9. share information
  10. work across boundaries
  11. adapt to changing organisations
  12. people are the major asset
  13. innovation is essential
  14. information and expertise flows
  15. work is changing
  16. rigid organisational structures will be replaced with dynamic teams
  17. job roles will disappear
  18. self-directed development is the only way to keep up
Also check out the Working Smarter Fieldbook, which is a great collection of the ITA's deeper thoughts.

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