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How does Education produce entrepreneurs?

Start inspiring children when they're young.

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"What is needed is a system that takes seriously the most vital life skill that students in the UK could acquire: the ability to think and act entrepreneurially. Only by learning that critical set of skills will this generation be able to adapt to the volatile and uncertain economic future it faces." 
"Embracing entrepreneurship in the heart of its education system from beginning to end is quite likely the most important step the UK can take to help reverse the trends of rising youth unemployment and social dislocation." 
"At its core, thinking and acting entrepreneurially is about a cycle of act-learn-build. You take a step, learn from that – whether it’s good news or bad – and build on that learning to take the next step. Now it is time for UK educators to take that first step, and embrace entrepreneurial principles on a systemic basis, so they can practice what they preach."

Education must produce entrepreneurs - FT.com
Private and public money is being provided at all levels of UK education, but the right questions are not being asked about return on investment. With MBAs costing as much as £68,000, and, at the othe...

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