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Context is King: Think Marathon, Not 100m Sprint

Swimming in an ever growing sea of content means you need to be focused on context; it is the real 'King'. Watch Gary's keynote video here.

The way to build engaged customers is not push marketing. Customers are pulling those brands near that are increasingly recommended through trusted sources. To be recommended you have to do something good, even great; and yes it's hard work, and no there are no short cuts. Think marathon, not 100m sprint.
On Social ROI, Gary says; "What is the ROI on your Mum?"
I'd also add another ROI, "You'll still be in business in 5 years!"

Social Media Marketing needs to shift from push to pull focus. Time to be transparent, build trust and be willing to demonstrate both successes and failures openly. Is your organisation ready for such a challenge?

For those who are posting links to the Social Business community on #SEO, you may want to watch this! #SPAM

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