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What Is The Difference Between Training and Learning?

Myths & Truths about Training and Learning

This was a really fun project to be involved, even though curating and organising 50 pages of Twitter transcript was quite an arduous task! With the help of some of the regular #lrnchat'ers we managed to break it down in to manageable chunks and within a few days we were able to turn around the insights. For all those interested in learning and training, these insights should provide interesting reading.

"On February 4, 2010 the topic for #lrnchat was Myths & Truths about Training and Learning. Nothing scientific, just fun. A group self organized to pull out the responses and they are posted in the following pages.

Myths about Training | Myths about Learning
Truths about Training
| Truths about Learning

Myths and Truths: Summary

For the purpose of this exercise (and #lrnchat in general), I put forth the following definitions — if not perfect, at least to serve as a place to start.

Insight: "Training (teaching too) as an “outside in” activity, the part of the equation that focuses on the delivery. Learning is the “inside out” part, that originates from the learner’s desire or need to know." ~ +Marcia Conner

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