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Education: Something has gone very wrong

Insight: "Instead of introducing children to new design techniques , such as #biomimicry (how we can emulate nature to solve human problems), we now have a focus on cookery. Instead of developing skills in computer-aided design, we have the introduction of horticulture. Instead of electronics and control, we have an emphasis on basic mechanical maintenance tasks," he told a conference of educators earlier this month. "In short, something has gone very wrong."

Sad state of affairs! I think this has a direct relationship to this article: http://t.co/fzKdlEs4s6

Suggestion: Poll learners about what and how they'd like to learn. If #Education can begin to focus on the #learner as the customer and treat them as such, alignment is more likely to occur. 19c thinking has no place in a 21c technological world. #fav

New curriculum teaches 'more cookery and horticulture than technology'
BAE Systems chairman Dick Olver criticises inadequacy of DfE proposals, while unions deride uncreative 'pub-quiz primer'

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