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Collaboration isn’t a technology, it’s a behaviour.

Collaboration isn't a technology, it’s a behaviour. Implementing one doesn't automatically make the other happen.

So how does an organisation support behaviour change?

Some things to consider:

Think hard about the culture required. Map where you are currently. See the gap, share the gap.

Behaviour change can be learnt as with any other skill. Once mastered it can be applied to any habit change.

Encourage cross-silo conversation that includes many stakeholders. A high degree of trust is required, as is the right culture to embrace. As ideas begin to flow, innovation and creativity wake up.

Nurture cooperation; without it collaborative projects fail.

Collaboration is not required all the time, work together only when it makes sense to.

Collaboration has its roots within hierarchy. Cooperation is fundamental to networks.

Everyone wants to contribute value and be part of the creation process. Personal contribution and how it is encouraged is vital to building a sustainable competitive culture.

And a few more: 

1. Don't be too quick to judge
2. Dialogues beat monologues
3. Laughters makes people think
4. Hierarchy stifles engagement
5. Co-created ideas get adopted
6. Small contributions matter
8. Humour stimulates conversation
9. Minimize the individual fear of failure
10. Big ideas in small packages

Employees need to be enthusiastic about getting involved and engaging; they need to feel safe that sharing their opinions will be supported; and relaxed to work with others, where required, to meet the goals and targets the company requires. If your organisation is not engaging, honest, exciting or interesting you'll have an almost impossible task expecting behaviour to change.

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