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Ruby, the not-so perfect storm

With typhoon Ruby rapidly approaching the Philippines I'm again reminded of the fine line between safety and disaster. North of Cebu is a tiny island called Malapascua, it's an island I know well, and it's heart breaking to see yet again a terrible storm heading their direction. The last destructive typhoon to hit the region was one year ago and resulted in many deaths and much suffering, and although Malapascua was spared the full brunt, it was pretty seriously damaged, as you'll see from the video below.

The story in the film is told from the local Divemasters' perspective, and it's centred around the dive resort we helped setup back in 1998. In one sense the film brings tears of sadness to my eyes for their loss, and in another it brings tears of joy as it shows the resilience and courage of the native islanders.

The short film recently received awards at both Cannes and Yosemite, a testament to the films' directors, all those at the Malapascua Dive Resort, and for the island and region in general.

From the most recent weather reports it's hard to see exactly where the eye of the storm will pass, but it's not looking good. Google have created a crisis response site and from the maps it looks like the full brunt will be felt in Tacloban in 12-15 hours time. Please take a couple of minutes out of your schedule today and tomorrow to pray for those about to repeat the frightening experiences of last year.

To all those at the Malapascua resort, especially Jean, Santos and Edgar, stay safe, be strong and know that you are in our prayers.

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