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Redesigning Education on a massive scale

Loved the analogy at 1:55 where he explains that they were trying to create the environment similar to a bar where your friend is explaining something that you haven't yet grasped, but you know you're about to; and then this to tens of thousands of students all at the same time - awesome!

I also like the learning principles applied - the reflection time - the ability for everyone to get on the same page by a certain day - peer review and support - collective space to discuss after reflection, also via mobile - this goes beyond the idea of having to take it all in during a live session. I also like consideration given to the length of videos; hour long lectures are not what the brain prefers.

All in all, an inspiring TED talk, look forward to following up on the data they gather and how they apply it to making further improvements. Watch the video here.

Photo credit: glennharper / Foter / CC BY

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