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The Grid - Artificial Intelligence Meets Web Design

The Grid - Websites That Build Themselves

If you're excited about AI and web design, you should check out The Grid.

Due to launch in late spring, The Grid is promising a whole new level of simplicity that allows content creators to do just that, create content, while the tech side of website management, as well as the design and flow, is taken care of automatically. 

Pre-order is still available at 96$ pa (8$ pm), and this founding members price is a lock-in-price for the duration of an active subscription, with the regular pricing starting at 300$ pa (25$ pm). There is no indication as to when the pre-order phase will end, so if you're willing to take a punt and get in early, with the other 20,500+ founding members, do so sooner rather than later.

Watch the short video in the (affiliate) link below and see if it rattles your cage, it did mine! Disclosure: if three people sign up via your link the first year is free; this offer applies to all founding members.

Roll on late spring, roll on The Grid.

Signup using this link:

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