Below is an analysis of the kind words left by clients and colleagues, loosely mapped to Simon Sinek's 'Why, How, What'. It's helpful as it reveals an insightful overview of the knowledge, skills and experience gained helping others to achieve their success.
WHY: genuine desire to help others, learner, communicator, networker, facilitator, coach, presenter, teacher, creative, strategic, passion, kind, challenging, deep thinker, motivator, speed to action, sharing, committed, flexible, foresightful, enthusiasm, opportunistic, helpful, practitioner, ambassador, openness, admirable, high value, active, enthusiastic, resourceful, generous, reactive, responsive, style, prolific presence, helpful, gives advice, progressive thinker.
HOW: true gentlemen, listener, trustworthiness, timely, reliable, safe hands under pressure, cooperative, innovative, gets things done, not afraid to try, hard working, professional, tenacious, team player, insightful, attention to detail, valuable contributor, focused, energetic, easy to get on with, respected, valuable asset, proficient researcher, fun, extraordinary, evaluative, patient, encourages, pioneer, trailblazer, results focused, exceptional work, delightful, consistent, graceful, knowledgeable, inspiring, seriousness, creative genius, focused, energetic, drive, contagious optimism, wise, deeply considered, positive, executes, engaging, listening, leader, connector, privacy aware.
WHAT: digital business culture, social learning, social collaboration, conversational marketing, knowledge curation, project management, business development, web design, IOT, branding, technology skills, organisational development, change, leadership, marketing, organisational learning, digital channels, research, social media, content analysis, education, innovation, social web, public relations, informal learning, analytics, statistics, machine learning, NLP, chatbots, data warehouse, web apps, APIs, insight reporting, data analysis, community, sense making, social networks, social learning tools, cutting edge solutions, business tools, personal learning networks, business performance, learning and development, business intelligence, data visualisation, cloud, mobile, apps, storytelling, benchmarking, big data, text analytics, market intelligence.

"Very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care"

- Margaret J. Wheatley

Social Strategist at Cause Analytics Ltd, UK
"I look to Paul for insight into digital business culture. His experience in social learning and track record of competence in social collaboration technologies have enabled substantial revenue generation for our clients.
Paul is a gentleman. He has proven his trustworthiness, timely and reliability in his outputs - a safe pair of hands when under pressure. Above other independent service providers and social media consultants, I highly commend Paul to any organisation seeking wisdom about conversational marketing."
David Pidsley, CEO, Cause Analytics

Innovation Consultant at Memonic, Switzerland
“Paul contacted us with questions about Memonic and Memonic for Salesforce, our range of online note taking applications. Through that we started to exchange ideas about knowledge curation, and management.
Together we developed an initial client from a first contact as a prospect to one of our best corporate customers for Memonic for Salesforce. Paul was instrumental to the success of the cooperation with our client. He managed to structure the interaction with the client as dialogue that pushed both sides to get more out of the initial idea and the toolset at hand (Salesforce, Memonic). His strong conceptual understanding of our market space allowed him to introduce novel and truly innovative solutions to the client's needs. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience to work with Paul and I hope to continue to work with him on a continued basis.”
Dorian Selz, Co-Founder, memonic.com

Associate and Brand Consultant at Internet Time Alliance, USA
“Paul gets things done. He's the model Picasso was thinking about when he said "I do things I don't know how to do in order to learn how to do them." Paul has helped our team reposition Internet Time Alliance in the marketplace, from designing our web presence and stuffing QR codes into our Fieldbook to curating our content. He's relentlessly dedicated to task. If you hire Paul to help you, you'll be a lot better off -- and you can thank me for my frank recommendation.”
Jay Cross, CEO, Internet Time Alliance

“Paul is a keen learner and avid adopter of new technologies. He is not afraid to try something new. Paul has been a great asset to the Internet Time Alliance, with his curation skills, technical abilities and business sense. It has been a pleasure working with him these past two years, especially the great work he did in redesigning our website over a very short period of time.”
Harold Jarche, Chairman, Internet Time Alliance

"Paul is a hard-working professional, with a good eye for detail. I am happy to recommend him to other organisations."
Jane Hart, Principal, Internet Time Alliance

“Paul is a 'bleeding edger' with the knowledge and tenacity to get things working. From curation to QR codes, Paul's the go-to person for the Internet Time Alliance. His keen marketing and design skills have left fingerprints all over the ITA team's outward-facing work. He's a keen team player.”
Charles Jennings, Senior Director, Enterprise Strategy, Internet Time Alliance

“Paul has developed a keen insight into organizational learning, and has proven to be enterprising with an eye for design and a keen attention to detail. As a consequence, he has made valuable contributions to the Internet Time Alliance.”
Clark Quinn, Principal, Internet Time Alliance

Senior Adviser at Open Intelligence, UK
“Amongst his many other qualities, Paul Simbeck Hampson is focused, energetic and professional; he also has a really good grasp of modern media channels and how to use them - a combination which helps him communicate, network and research very effectively. At our Open Intelligence meetings his knowledge and understanding of the rapidly evolving fields of network communications, social media, learning, curation and analysis – particularly from the business/branding perspective - helps our team focus and think in practical directions. Paul’s input is to the point and often very valuable. Paul is also easy to get on with, and is well respected and trusted by our team (who are not an easy group to please). In short, I am very happy to commend Paul Simbeck Hampson to Linked In members, I’m sure he would prove to be a valuable asset to any individual or team he works with.”
Simon Eaton, Director, Open Intelligence Ltd.

"Paul's expertise in business, innovation, social media and education has proven invaluable to our team at Open Intelligence. He's the one we look to for direction when our creative cauldron bubbles over. Paul "gets things done" and helps us do the same by knowing just the right question for the occasion. Best of all, he's fun to work with. Count yourself fortunate should you have the opportunity to include Paul in your venture."
Elle D'Coda, Boundary Huntress, Open Intelligence Ltd.

“Paul is a master of the social web. He is a proficient researcher and consummate social networker. His ability to evaluate and demonstrate a variety of "smart tools" never ceases to impress me. He's a great teacher and presenter. He is also an extremely creative person who has been able to see the many sides of Open Intelligence's strategic needs during its early development. He has also demonstrated strength in branding, public relations, and content analysis. I'm glad to be connected with this extraordinary gentleman. I recommend his professional opinion as it has often proven invaluable for us."
Daniel Durrant, Content Analyst, Open Intelligence

Brand Support at Amplify.com, USA
“A few things come to mind about Paul. First is Paul's enormous passion for technology and social media. Second is Paul's vast knowledge of the many different services that are available on the web and appreciation for the details and nuances that distinguish each. Third is that Paul has always been very kind and patient when offering advice and spotting areas where Amplify can be improved. Bottom line, I've got nothing but good things to say.”
Eric Goldstein, Co-founder, Amplify and Clipmarks,

Social Collaboration, UK
“Paul is continually challenging and pushing at the forefront of informal learning. Through his understanding of social communication and its capacity to enable and encourage learning, his pioneering and trailblazing help us to see potential innovative developments in this important field.”
John W Lewis, Director, Holosoft

Data Analyst Support at LikeMinds, UK
“Paul is someone who I connected with online as an expert in curation and the cutting edge of social media, whilst simultaneously being an encouraging contact. His work with me has been around event curation and measurement - doing the innovative work of measuring online conversation, curating it, providing statistics and then most importantly, analysing the data and providing the critical insights and subsequent actions.
The work he did with his team has enabled me to attract sponsors due to the detailed analytics I can provide, as well as enhanced our message through continual learning as a result of the insights the data provides. Finally, he has helped us increase our community by understanding them better which fulfils our mission of empowering people. I am happy to talk more about the work Paul has done to anyone who is considering contracting him as I thoroughly believe in him and consider his work exceptional.”
Scott Gould, Co-founder, Like Minds, UK

Social Collaboration, USA
“It is delightful to collaborate with Paul. He has a gift to curate both people and content. In an age where deep thinking and rich relationships dominate, he is teaching us all how to do it with consistency and grace.”
Jennifer Sertl, Founder and President, Agility3R

Social Collaboration, India
“His knowledge and passion for what he does is inspiring and awesome. Even more amazing is his genuine desire to help others, to share knowledge and motivate--in the true spirit of a learning professional. I am fortunate to have connected with him, to have interacted with him...”
Sahana Chattopadhyay, Enterprise Community Manager, Thoughtworks

Social Collaboration, USA
“It's a bit challenging to write an online recommendation for Paul because I realize it needs to be brief. And to credit Paul appropriately for the breadth of his knowledge, the strength of his skills, and the seriousness with which he approaches his work would take a few pages. No kidding. On the other hand, I've had the pleasure of working and learning with Paul online for the last several years, both informally - through social sites like Amplify and Google Plus - and formally, on a highly creative project where three different companies collaborated to curate a live conference using Twitter and a unique taxonomy that gave conference participants access to their shared intelligence in a way no one had dared attempt. Paul is a creative, collaborative genius. He's got a truly brilliant mind and is so quick on the draw that it can be hard to keep pace with him. If you've got a challenge that needs creativity, genius, brilliance, and speed - and he's within your reach - do what it takes to get his attention. You won't be sorry.”
Meri Aaron Walker, Owner and Principal Consultant, BeingSocial.Us

Social Collaboration, USA
“Paul is a resource that I rely on for information about social media and social networks. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and generously shares content that I find valuable for my own personal and professional development. I am honored to have Paul in my "network".”
Nancy Rubin, Ph.D., Principle, NRR (Nancy Rubin) Consulting

Social Collaboration, USA
“Paul is committed to making information usable and actionable. To that end he has built proficiency in content curation and in the use of social learning tools. He combines those skills with his business experience to create effective solutions. He does not settle for a cookie-cutter approach, but will find the best solution for a given need, making sure that the tools and strategies he select work within the broad context of the overall business environment. He is constantly aware of emerging tools, and is proficient in evaluating them for their effectiveness. Beyond that, his energy, drive, enthusiasm and contagious optimism make him an asset to any project.”
Janet Laane Effron, Managing Principal, Four Rivers Group, LLC

Social Collaboration, UK
“If you want to know about and 'do' social media, then Paul is the person to go to. I've known Paul for a few years now, first coming across him on the social networking site Twitter. Since then I have connected with him on other SoMe sites so I didn't miss out on all his activities and 'pearls of wisdom'. Paul is vastly experienced in all things SoMe, yet at the same time he continues to push the boundaries forward in a deeply considered and positive manner.”
Judith Christian-Carter, Owner, Effective Learning Solutions

Social Collaboration, Switzerland
“Paul is a dedicated individual with a passion for Social Media. Always on the lookout for opportunities to build stronger engagement, Paul has been a valuable source of advices. He has supported major events in the UK, building their social media profile. Paul is easy to work with, a good listener who can execute.”
Julien Fourgeaud, Director, Le Catalyst ( 2014)

Social Collaboration, USA
“Think ambassador. Paul is a stalwart steward of the community concept in that he's willing and able to be and able to lead out and help others along. While most people dip a toe into social media, Paul has dove in head first - becoming a strong voice in the community that stands out amongst a sea of hot air. Paul is a thinker. A practitioner. He gets it.”
Josh Little, Founder and Chief Pyro, Bloomfire

Social Collaboration, USA
“When I want to know what the most cutting edge solutions coming into the marketplace are, Paul's G+ or twitter stream are where I go first. Paul exemplifies openness and innovation in all of his interactions and is one of those people who you end up feeling like you've known a long time from just a few connections. He has a rare and admirable ability to span a massive, disparate reach of topics and people and intense individual interest at the same time. I admire his energy, his passion and his focus!”
Christy Pettit, Owner, ODScore

Social Collaboration, USA
“Paul is an extraordinary fellow that I feel fortunate to have met via the Social Web. Paul is among the very best of the best in terms of his grasp of technologies that affect how we learn, share, collaborate and discover. As a business owner I see Paul's capabilities and natural talents to represent high value to any project or employer.”
Joe Hackman, Owner and chief Technology Strategist, Managed Solutions

Social Collaboration, UK
“Paul is one of the most active and enthusiastic proponents of social media as learning and business tools. He pro-actively engages with the community as he shares a wide range of resources and links with unstinting generosity. He also engages responsively/reactively on the posts and resources of other members of the global online community.”
Karyn Romeis, Director, Learning Anorak Ltd

Social Collaboration, USA
“Paul works hard at being out ahead in many areas, including social media/networking. Through his outstanding curation capabilities, his strong personal learning network, and his communication skills, Paul keeps a pulse check on many things relating to innovation, learning, growth, and business performance. On a personal note, I value Paul as a person and I really appreciate his style.”
Daniel Christian, Senior Instructional Designer, Calvin College

Social Collaboration, Scotland
“Although I have not worked directly with Paul, he is an integral part of my network. Paul is an extremely prolific presence on various online communities, regularly producing and sharing content that I have found to invaluable. Additionally, he is extremely generous with his time, and has always responded quickly and assuredly to any request for help, advice or input I have put his way. A truly progressive thinker in our field, Paul is a first class learning and development professional.”
James McLuckie, Learning Engagement Manager, Eden Tree by Good Practice

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